When properly installed and inspected by an experienced, licensed professional, metal roofing systems can last for over 50 years with minimal maintenance. In addition to providing exceptional energy efficiency and fire resistance, metal roofing systems can also withstand gusts of wind up to 140 miles per hour. It goes without saying that metal roofs have long-proven to be a valuable option for commercial property owners due to their unparalleled durability against temperature changes and inclement weather.

Metal roofs also present building owners with a wide variety of customization options, ranging from the type of metal to dozens of color options. If you’re looking to reduce maintenance or repair costs for your current roof or heating and cooling costs for your building, it’s time to partner with a metal roofing contractor in New Jersey like Executive Roofing Systems to install a new metal roof.

Why Choose Executive Roofing Systems for Your Metal Roof Installation in New Jersey?

Installing a metal roof is a highly-detailed, complicated process that should only be completed with a roofing professional with the appropriate certification and licensure and years of experience working with metal roofing systems. Not only does improper installation significantly decrease the lifespan of your commercial roof, but it also can lead to leaking, corrosion, and severe damage to the structural integrity of your building. Common problems our roofing professionals encounter on a regular basis when inspecting metal roofs that have not been properly installed include the following:

  • Oil Canning: Oil canning can be defined as visible waviness or stress wrinkling in the flat areas of your metal roofing system as a result of extreme pressure, frequent stress, or inadequate space allowed for expanding and contracting.
  • Scuffing: You’ll notice scuffing or scratching in your metal panels if the metal is not handled properly, tools have been dropped or scratched against the metal, or the panels have been walked on.
  • Leaks: While leaks can be caused by weather occurrences such as heavy rain or high-speed winds, they can also occur as a result of human error like improperly installed seams, failed fasteners, or incorrectly applied sealant.

Leave Your Roof to the Best in the Business

Don’t take on the risk of costly repairs down the line due to a roofing contractor’s improper installation of your commercial roof. Trust our team of experienced roofing professionals for your metal roof installation in New Jersey to ensure that you maximize the benefits of your new investment, including an extended lifespan, exceptional durability, and little to no maintenance. We’ve been in the business for over three decades, installing, inspecting, and repairing roofs of all sizes and types, and are prepared to help you meet all of your roofing goals within your budget.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.